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Headquarters and Facilities:

74, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 75012 Paris France
We develop innovative computer vision solutions
A new standard: Bio-inspired vision sensing + processing


From smart cars, ADAS to autonomous driving, high performance vision sensors for a new generation of transport


Robotics & Drones

Machines the move and work on their own need state of the vision capabilities to perform safely and accurately



Imagine a world without limits that allows you see things you never thought possible



Smart vision solutions for all environments, situations and conditions



Enabling a new level of inspection and automation for Industry 4.0

What is bio-inspired vision?

Bio-inspired vision systems aim to emulate the way nature does vision, completely overthrowing traditional machine vision architectures used for the past 50 years.
Biological vision systems are driven and controlled by what is happening within the scene in view, and not, like traditional image sensors, by artificially created timing and control signals that have no relation whatsoever to the source of the visual information and its dynamics. Translating the frameless paradigm of biological vision to artificial imaging systems implies that control over the acquisition of visual information is no longer being imposed externally to an array of pixels but the decision making is transferred to the single pixel that handles its own information individually.

Chronocam develops disruptive machine vision systems for high-performance applications


Chronocam develops innovative machine vision sensors and systems for applications in all fields of machine vision. We develop both the sensor chips as well as signal processing algorithms to implement our unique technological approach. The sensor technology is inspired by biological eyes, acquiring and processing the visual information in an extremely performing yet highly efficient way. Our technology outperforms conventional vision systems currently used everywhere, offering disruptive solutions for problems considered until now out of reach and setting a new standard in machine vision.
Our goal is to initiate a radical paradigm shift in vision sensing and processing across all fields of machine vision. Chronocam was formed by an international group of experienced entrepreneurs and outstanding researchers, among the leading pioneers in the field.

A New Computer Vision Standard:

Our vision systems establish new benchmarks in the areas of data compression, dynamic range, speed and power efficiency


revolutionizes the conventional paradigm of computer vision by providing a new vision sensor that is inspired by the human eye!
Ultrahigh-speed, Wide Dynamic Range, High Video Compression and Low Power at same time!
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Application areas:

Detection and real-time analysis of high-speed transient visual events

Real-time to control systems based on high-temporal resolution visual input

High-speed recognition and tracking of fast moving objects

Enhanced vision for situation awareness and augmented reality

Efficient streaming of visual data for real-time communication and surveillance

Fully-automated for inspection of components in a manufacturing processes

Advanced driver assistance systems and self-driving cars

Wide Dynamic Range

More than >120dB

High Acquisition Speed

100 Kfps equivalent

High Video Compression

Ultra low bandwidth and low latency

Low Power Consumption

Less than <10mW

Chronocam: Vision Everywhere

Inspired by the biological eye, Chronocam’s proprietary CMOS vision and image sensors acquire and process visual information in an extremely performing and efficient way

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