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Schubin introduced Silicon Retina, a presentation of iNiLabs co-founder Tobi Delbruck at an IBM Research Cognitive Systems Colloquium. “In the retinal mode, each pixel responds when there’s a change,” said Schubin. “What if we could do what our eyes do in a camera? There would be no frames.” Delbruck’s idea is catching on elsewhere; French company Chronocam Technology is also working on this technology.

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PARIS — For centuries, our desire to reproduce accurate, pretty images for “human consumption” has driven the advancements of camera technologies. But what if we were to change the premise and design image sensors for computers to see and analyze the information? In that case, the fundamental data an image sensor needs to capture—and how each pixel should operate—would change completely. Further, processing would be reinvented...

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...a French company, Chronocam, has a neuromorphic-based vision camera and sensors that could change the meaning of instant replay for the NFL. The camera and sensors are biologically inspired by how the brain and eye work in tandem to process images. Chronocam’s camera and sensors can adapt vast changes in brightness, detect edges, signal temporal change and detect motion, like the human eye...

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Chronocam names imaging and vision chip veteran Jaffard as strategic advisor   Long-time ST Microelectronics executive to help guide Paris start-up in quest to commercialize first bio-inspired approach to computer vision   PARIS – 19 January, 2016 – Chronocam, a Paris-based developer of biologically-inspired vision sensors and systems for computer vision and IoT applications, today announced that veteran semiconductor executive and noted expert on the imaging industry Jean-Luc Jaffard...

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L'Embarqué: Les start-up qui maîtrisent les arcanes de la micro et nanoélectronique   Chronocam a développé une technologie inédite de vision embarquée qui mime le fonctionnement de la rétine de l’œil humain. Une technologie qui associe pour la première fois grande vitesse d’acquisition des images et… faibles débits des informations à véhiculer et éco-efficacité !

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EETimes: CHRONOCAM among the 16 analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2016!   The flow of startups addressing the non-digital part of the electronics universe seems to be increasing along with the opportunities in analog, power, RF, sensors.

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